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I am currently earning my master’s degree and created a blog about the topic of my action research project.  The topic of my research and other blog is teacher burnout.  As I begin to enter into the teaching profession, it was extremely worrisome that 60% of my classmates will not be teaching five years later.  I felt the need to educate myself and other effective professionals in my building before they became another burned out teacher.  My blog consists of my reviews of scholarly articles and links for further investigation, if the review sounds worthwhile.  There are several coping strategy articles in the blog reel.  Please feel free to look over my other blog, I hope the information will be of value to you.


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  1. Jody, thanks for leaving the blog link! (I “hot-linked” it for you)
    I am struck by the fact that what you are doing on the blog is curating information! This is similar to a project I did with 8th grade social studies students – and they loved it! Using a blog to express their thoughts on the articles they read, getting comments and commenting on each other’s blogs made it oh, so much more interesting for them. They also were able to make connections across the issues they were researching (social reform issues of the late 19th century). I would recommend that you hot link to the resources whenever possible -basically highlight the word or phrase, click on the link icon in the editing toolbar, and then paste in a link to the resource, whether it is an online article or a book. 🙂

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